I love think and her friends.


Goofy is always very helpful and loving. He even pushed me in the wheelchair.


Got to take photos with Donald and goofy


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Time and Answering Questions

Time definitely goes by faster when working and pretending to be happy all day. So much has happened since my last post. Let’s see if I can fill in the details.
All of my Brazilian and Peruvian friends left in February. All of them made it home safely.
I have now made friends with some of the Mexican international programmers. They are tons of fun to hang out with.
I live in a three bedroom apartment and three of us six have had alpha visits within the past week. Including my roommate and I ending up in the ER.
I am nearing the end of my heritage class. My next class takes place in Hollywood studios or MGM depending on which era you know it from.
CP buses are becoming a bit easier to manage. I still dislike them but they are becoming a way of life.

So questions asked:
What are your plans after your current program?
– I want to extend but if I can’t I will be going to Peru and Brazil for a week or so to visit my friends. 

Would you recommend custodial to new CPs why or why not?
– honestly, custodial is not for everyone. I took the offer of custodial because I am in this for the experience not glamour. But I get a lot of thanks from guests and other cast members. They are happy there is some to do the dirty work so they can focus on making magic. If you choose custodial be ready for lots of questions, responding to vomit, urine, poop, and blood spills on top of soda, slushie, popcorn, broken glass, etc. You will be trained on how to respond.

Do you hiss? When have you had to hiss?
– yes, I work in tomorrowland so I learned quickly how to hiss and how to use it. It often works to my advantage but there are times when someone isn’t paying attention and doesn’t hear me. It is easier then shouting. I have hissed to cast members to get them to hold a door for me, to make them aware of my presence such as responding to a code v, to ask where trash cans in the queue lines are without being too obvious I had no clue, to say hi to someone who I hadn’t seen in a while.

Do you wash your costume or return it?
– I usually do it weekly. I get out 5 at a time and return them as I wear them. And then on a day off or my monday I go get more.

What days are your weekend?
– My weekend has been Tuesday and Wednesday since I started except once.

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Work, work, work

So I have worked four days of bathrooms in a row. One cheshire/castle, One storybook, and two nights of tangled. My first night was storybook at it was tons of fun because I made quick friends with an international student. He is from Brazil and leaving at the end of this month. I honestly will be super sad when he leaves. I could never have asked for a better friend then him.

Yet another night has come and gone and I was in Cheshire again last night. And yet again work bathrooms.
A tip for all of those working custodial.

You will get bruised, yelled at, dirty, tired, and much more while working but what sets us apart is we go in everyday with a smile on our face no matter how upset we are about the day before. Our guests change each day and it is our responsibility to set Disney apart from other parks around the world.

We are one of the cleanest parks families can go to. So take pride that when they go on vacation they chose to see us. Yeah you won’t be thanked everyday, but there are days that guests will come up to you and thank you for all that YOU do to make the magic come alive.
There will be times that you will hear others say how they deserve a great service fanatic card for keeping their areas as clean as possible and everything thing else under the sun. Don’t let someone else begging for a GSF card cause you to go slack on your job to match what they did. Do the best that you can do. If you never get a card just be happy you never got marks against you.
If you are looking for a job that gets constant recognition this is not the one for you.

Streets vs restrooms:

You can hide away if you need to
Lots of downtime
Not much work
Get at least one person a night to talk to
You can call for assistance if needed
Self break (make your own schedule)

You can get overwhelmed if you are working a larger bathroom
If its rainy the floors never stay dry
Guests will seek you out to ask questions sometimes
Can be super slow depending on location


Tons of guest interaction
Get to assist guests on a regular basis

Trash and recycling runs
Being  called for every urine, vomit, and poop in the area
Others choose when your breaks are
Not in control of your schedule

Overall I prefer bathrooms over streets.

If you have any questions about either leave me a comment

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Life is a dance, you learn as you go.

I have now done two shifts working in the bathrooms at Magic Kingdom, and today I am working my third. The male counterparts have all been very helpful and understanding that I am new. I expected to be thrown to the sharks and told to sink or swim, but that has yet to happen. I have been shown so much in the two days that was not covered in my training because it never seemed important until I learned it while working.
Yesterday was a lot of fun. My counterpart’s name was Gabriel and he was from Brazil. I felt so happy working with him. He answered my questions about everything and even taught me some Portuguese. After we got our bathrooms clean at 2300 we went exploring the overly quiet park. I got to see the Be Our Guest without the magic, Ariel’s meet and greet, the castle covered in fog with the blue lights on it, the drop by the side of Be Our Guest, Tangled tower, and so much more. He and I thought of ways Disney could improve different areas if they ever wanted to such as making the main ballroom in be our guest have stairs and maybe two or three tables which would have made it appear more realistic.
I know it is very unlikely because he leaves in February but I really want to be stuck with him again. It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable.

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Noise and Neighbors

The ceilings and walls in all complexes are thin so when you hear elephants above you its best to stop and talk to them. Most are very understanding that you may have a morning shift and will take their game of “Thumper” elsewhere.
Suggestions on dealing with them especially in the complexes:
1. Go talk to them. Do not go directly to Facebook looking for the culprit. You will end up with backlash.
2. Sometimes they will call it a night and other times they will take their get together else where. Don’t forget to thank them though because it now gives you a chance to sleep.
3. Make friends with them. It will be easier to communicate in the future if you are already on good terms.
4. If all else fails and even after asking them to quite down and quiet hours started call security. But don’t call them if its not quiet time or if its just walking.

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Nerves and Overwhelmed

Training for custodial is two days with a third day used for assessment. Not too long of training compared with some roles that get a week or two.
In custodial though they pretty much go over everything just one time and then move on and then you are tested on it during your assessment. Only if you have questions will they stop and go back over things and only the things you request.
As a female I will be able to work either streets or restrooms but most of the time they will have us closing restrooms. They never teach you how to close a restroom hands on, only tell you. So needless to say with my first restroom shift coming up I am a tad bit nervous about messing something up and getting points against me. I even got to the point where yesterday I called out because I was nauseous and even vomited. 
I will be possibly working one of the busiest bathrooms in the entire Magic Kingdom, Tangled, which does not help my nerves. Bathrooms has a lot of work that has to get done in a little time. Stalls have to be cleaned, toilet paper checks, seat liner checks, sinks cleans, paper towels checked and refilled as needed, trash bags changed, sanisacks checked and changed, floors dry mopped, trash taken out, etc. And all of it is only covered one time in no particular order and may not even have been shown to you in your location. I will be working Tomorrow land and Fantasyland but most of my training was in adventureland and main street, neither of which help me.
Custodial also deal with radios which I have not been fully trained on. So that makes me nervous as well.
I have bathroom shift on Thursday so on Wednesday I will see if my manager is around and talk to her about my fears and concerns and maybe see if I can be retrained or do some actual on the job  training so I can feel confident as to what I’m doing. But for now its bedtime so goodnight.

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Dear Peter,

Dear Peter,
I know that things in America are different than what you are use to and technology may seem just a tad overwhelming yet captivating  at times but can you please fly on the right side of the sky and put down that fancy internet box we call a iPhone, you are carrying. Even if to just realize you have crossed lanes and are flying head first into oncoming adventurers. I mean I can and did stop on a dime to avoid collision and damage but others may not be as lucky.


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My life has begun

I have finally started my adventures on the disney college program. Today I start my first day of hands-on training at 0800 in Magic Kingdom. I can’t believe its been a week since I started the program. I have already started exploring two of the theme parks and watched wishes from the Polynesian Resort, and IllumiNations from a cast-member only area. When I have a day off I will be doing laundry and sleeping. Yes an exciting day off. Also a day off where I don’t have to take an hour bus ride to get someplace.

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8 hours till check in.

Like many other Disney college program participants I am in a hotel in “Orlando” for check in. Calypso Cay is my home for tonight. I will be at Vista Way around 0700 to line up for checkin. Time has flown by so quickly I feel like I missed a lot. Seems like yesterday I had just applied for the program and was waiting on a response. I will be waking up around 0530 to eat, put on makeup (rare for me), fix my hair (even more rare), get dressed, and get to vista. My breakfast will be leftovers from olive garden tonight. Which is smoked mozzarella chicken. I was full after soup and bread sticks. After checkin depending on my time for casting I will go to my apartment, put up all my luggage, start unpacking, go to the store, start dinner, and then head to a resort to watch fireworks or downtown Disney to go see Frozen.
For those doing the program in the future, the security guards at each complex are extremely nice and will help you to the best of their ability. Just do not act like you know more then them because it will tick them off and they will not be very helpful then. Also check blogs, vlogs, and make friends with alumni before posting on groups on Facebook. Especially every group posting the same question.

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