8 hours till check in.

Like many other Disney college program participants I am in a hotel in “Orlando” for check in. Calypso Cay is my home for tonight. I will be at Vista Way around 0700 to line up for checkin. Time has flown by so quickly I feel like I missed a lot. Seems like yesterday I had just applied for the program and was waiting on a response. I will be waking up around 0530 to eat, put on makeup (rare for me), fix my hair (even more rare), get dressed, and get to vista. My breakfast will be leftovers from olive garden tonight. Which is smoked mozzarella chicken. I was full after soup and bread sticks. After checkin depending on my time for casting I will go to my apartment, put up all my luggage, start unpacking, go to the store, start dinner, and then head to a resort to watch fireworks or downtown Disney to go see Frozen.
For those doing the program in the future, the security guards at each complex are extremely nice and will help you to the best of their ability. Just do not act like you know more then them because it will tick them off and they will not be very helpful then. Also check blogs, vlogs, and make friends with alumni before posting on groups on Facebook. Especially every group posting the same question.

By barretttodisney

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