Nerves and Overwhelmed

Training for custodial is two days with a third day used for assessment. Not too long of training compared with some roles that get a week or two.
In custodial though they pretty much go over everything just one time and then move on and then you are tested on it during your assessment. Only if you have questions will they stop and go back over things and only the things you request.
As a female I will be able to work either streets or restrooms but most of the time they will have us closing restrooms. They never teach you how to close a restroom hands on, only tell you. So needless to say with my first restroom shift coming up I am a tad bit nervous about messing something up and getting points against me. I even got to the point where yesterday I called out because I was nauseous and even vomited. 
I will be possibly working one of the busiest bathrooms in the entire Magic Kingdom, Tangled, which does not help my nerves. Bathrooms has a lot of work that has to get done in a little time. Stalls have to be cleaned, toilet paper checks, seat liner checks, sinks cleans, paper towels checked and refilled as needed, trash bags changed, sanisacks checked and changed, floors dry mopped, trash taken out, etc. And all of it is only covered one time in no particular order and may not even have been shown to you in your location. I will be working Tomorrow land and Fantasyland but most of my training was in adventureland and main street, neither of which help me.
Custodial also deal with radios which I have not been fully trained on. So that makes me nervous as well.
I have bathroom shift on Thursday so on Wednesday I will see if my manager is around and talk to her about my fears and concerns and maybe see if I can be retrained or do some actual on the job  training so I can feel confident as to what I’m doing. But for now its bedtime so goodnight.

By barretttodisney

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