Noise and Neighbors

The ceilings and walls in all complexes are thin so when you hear elephants above you its best to stop and talk to them. Most are very understanding that you may have a morning shift and will take their game of “Thumper” elsewhere.
Suggestions on dealing with them especially in the complexes:
1. Go talk to them. Do not go directly to Facebook looking for the culprit. You will end up with backlash.
2. Sometimes they will call it a night and other times they will take their get together else where. Don’t forget to thank them though because it now gives you a chance to sleep.
3. Make friends with them. It will be easier to communicate in the future if you are already on good terms.
4. If all else fails and even after asking them to quite down and quiet hours started call security. But don’t call them if its not quiet time or if its just walking.

By barretttodisney

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