Work, work, work

So I have worked four days of bathrooms in a row. One cheshire/castle, One storybook, and two nights of tangled. My first night was storybook at it was tons of fun because I made quick friends with an international student. He is from Brazil and leaving at the end of this month. I honestly will be super sad when he leaves. I could never have asked for a better friend then him.

Yet another night has come and gone and I was in Cheshire again last night. And yet again work bathrooms.
A tip for all of those working custodial.

You will get bruised, yelled at, dirty, tired, and much more while working but what sets us apart is we go in everyday with a smile on our face no matter how upset we are about the day before. Our guests change each day and it is our responsibility to set Disney apart from other parks around the world.

We are one of the cleanest parks families can go to. So take pride that when they go on vacation they chose to see us. Yeah you won’t be thanked everyday, but there are days that guests will come up to you and thank you for all that YOU do to make the magic come alive.
There will be times that you will hear others say how they deserve a great service fanatic card for keeping their areas as clean as possible and everything thing else under the sun. Don’t let someone else begging for a GSF card cause you to go slack on your job to match what they did. Do the best that you can do. If you never get a card just be happy you never got marks against you.
If you are looking for a job that gets constant recognition this is not the one for you.

Streets vs restrooms:

You can hide away if you need to
Lots of downtime
Not much work
Get at least one person a night to talk to
You can call for assistance if needed
Self break (make your own schedule)

You can get overwhelmed if you are working a larger bathroom
If its rainy the floors never stay dry
Guests will seek you out to ask questions sometimes
Can be super slow depending on location


Tons of guest interaction
Get to assist guests on a regular basis

Trash and recycling runs
Being  called for every urine, vomit, and poop in the area
Others choose when your breaks are
Not in control of your schedule

Overall I prefer bathrooms over streets.

If you have any questions about either leave me a comment

By barretttodisney

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