Time and Answering Questions

Time definitely goes by faster when working and pretending to be happy all day. So much has happened since my last post. Let’s see if I can fill in the details.
All of my Brazilian and Peruvian friends left in February. All of them made it home safely.
I have now made friends with some of the Mexican international programmers. They are tons of fun to hang out with.
I live in a three bedroom apartment and three of us six have had alpha visits within the past week. Including my roommate and I ending up in the ER.
I am nearing the end of my heritage class. My next class takes place in Hollywood studios or MGM depending on which era you know it from.
CP buses are becoming a bit easier to manage. I still dislike them but they are becoming a way of life.

So questions asked:
What are your plans after your current program?
– I want to extend but if I can’t I will be going to Peru and Brazil for a week or so to visit my friends. 

Would you recommend custodial to new CPs why or why not?
– honestly, custodial is not for everyone. I took the offer of custodial because I am in this for the experience not glamour. But I get a lot of thanks from guests and other cast members. They are happy there is some to do the dirty work so they can focus on making magic. If you choose custodial be ready for lots of questions, responding to vomit, urine, poop, and blood spills on top of soda, slushie, popcorn, broken glass, etc. You will be trained on how to respond.

Do you hiss? When have you had to hiss?
– yes, I work in tomorrowland so I learned quickly how to hiss and how to use it. It often works to my advantage but there are times when someone isn’t paying attention and doesn’t hear me. It is easier then shouting. I have hissed to cast members to get them to hold a door for me, to make them aware of my presence such as responding to a code v, to ask where trash cans in the queue lines are without being too obvious I had no clue, to say hi to someone who I hadn’t seen in a while.

Do you wash your costume or return it?
– I usually do it weekly. I get out 5 at a time and return them as I wear them. And then on a day off or my monday I go get more.

What days are your weekend?
– My weekend has been Tuesday and Wednesday since I started except once.

By barretttodisney

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