8 hours till check in.

Like many other Disney college program participants I am in a hotel in “Orlando” for check in. Calypso Cay is my home for tonight. I will be at Vista Way around 0700 to line up for checkin. Time has flown by so quickly I feel like I missed a lot. Seems like yesterday I had just applied for the program and was waiting on a response. I will be waking up around 0530 to eat, put on makeup (rare for me), fix my hair (even more rare), get dressed, and get to vista. My breakfast will be leftovers from olive garden tonight. Which is smoked mozzarella chicken. I was full after soup and bread sticks. After checkin depending on my time for casting I will go to my apartment, put up all my luggage, start unpacking, go to the store, start dinner, and then head to a resort to watch fireworks or downtown Disney to go see Frozen.
For those doing the program in the future, the security guards at each complex are extremely nice and will help you to the best of their ability. Just do not act like you know more then them because it will tick them off and they will not be very helpful then. Also check blogs, vlogs, and make friends with alumni before posting on groups on Facebook. Especially every group posting the same question.

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Leave tomorrow

I am leaving tomorrow for Orlando… I am excited and still unprepared. I am just getting around to washing all my dirty clothes and I haven’t packed too many things. I will be doing that all day today and into tonight. I am going to try and stay up as much as possible so I can sleep on the 10 hour drive.

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Just one week

I leave in just 7 days for Orlando. Time is definitely going by quickly. I started off the new year on a bad foot with a cold or flu or something… But I’m hoping it turns around quickly before I leave.

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Just two weeks to go. I can’t believe it. There is so much to do in the next 14 days. I have my twin size bedding washed and packed and parts of my kitchen packed. I will miss my current managers,well most of them, they are so easy to get along with. The same with my coworkers who have been so much help. Especially Sarah who I don’t even have to say a word or page her, she magically shows up every time I hit 3 people and runs her register. The world of retail.

I hear that yesterday Magic Kingdom hit Phase 2. For those that don’t know there are four stages of parks limiting people in. Phase one is the least restricting to phase four which is the park is closed to everyone. Keep in mind the “dead” size of the park where it seems you are almost alone is estimated to be 15,000.

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Christmas Eve

In my family we get to open one present on Christmas eve. This year I got two hair clips, five mickey mouse wash clothes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and MtG deck set. 🙂
My mom tells me to pack lightly then she gets me more Magic: The Gathering stuff which just makes me want to bring all the rest with me.
Speak of packing I have stated planning what is being packed and what is being left behind. A list of what is and isn’t being packed and how I planned what I am bringing will be posted as I start…

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19 days till I leave

Wow time has flown by. Just under 3 weeks until I move to Orlando. I have one of eight suitcases packed for the journey.
What I do have done is finding a roommate, saving money, and coming up with meal ideas for the first few weeks. My roommate and I are going to try eating as healthy as we can.
Christmas is just 4 days away and I have work only two days this next week at Dollar General…

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season

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Birthday and 28 days

My birthday was nothing impressive. My parents got me two sets of luggage for packing so I am no longer using 8 totes. Now everything will be in 8 suitcases.

I have found my roommate and I am excited to meet her and be spending 7-1/2 months growing our friendship.

The first night I will be making Chili Corn Chowder in a crockpot.

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Packing for Disney

I have about 40 days until I leave for Orlando, and I have started packing things that I will not need until I get there.

I am using totes to pack as my dad is driving out to Orlando with me in his truck, but I am still trying to keep everything compact.

So far I have packed:

Tote 1- (Bedroom)

1 Comforter/Quilt

2 throw blankets

1 body pillow

1 set of twin sheets + pillowcase


Tote 2- (Kitchen)

Toaster (I am using the one at my parents for the time being)

paper towels


(It will contain my single serve coffee pot when time gets closer)


pot holders

new bath towels

kitchen towels



I will pack a few more totes that contain Bathroom, Living Room, Food, Clothes, Electronics, School Supplies, and Random stuff.

In those totes I plan on packing


Toilet Paper

Hand soap

Shower curtain

Extra toothbrushes

Extra toothpaste

Toilet Brush


Female Products







Body wash

Bobby pins



Living Room & Electronics-

LED candles

Air Freshner

Throw Blanket

Laptop + Charger

Camera + SD Card + Batteries

Desk/Table top Lamp

Printer + ink (for class projects that need to be printed)


School Supplies – (I am going to be taking classes at Disney)

These items will be in a backpack not a tote.


Binder + Paper

Black/Blue/Red pens

Pencils (Mechanical)

sticky notes

Push pins


Permanent markers


Random Stuff-

Dish soap

Dishwasher soap

Laundry Soap


2 locker locks

Sweater Organizer

Shoe Organizer


Food (I will get most of this once I arrive in Orlando)

I suggest finding your favorite recipes and working from that.

Mashed Potatoes

Velveeta cheese














Peanut Butter



Hot Chocolate


Vanilla Extract



Ground Beef

Ice Cream





This List is still in progress and may be updating from time to time.


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Gatlinburg Trip

Though it is not Disney related this is a first for me. I don’t ever remember seeing the mountains when I was young. For thanksgiving my best friend Amy is taking me to Gatlinburg with her family.
I have friends graduating in about 24 days and yesterday they all said goodbye to me as they will likely not see me again before I go to Disney. Honestly it did make me tear up and them too.


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Just two months

In just 60 days I will be checking into the Disney college program. Time is passing so quickly these days before I know it I will be headed down to Florida with my dad.
I am already meeting people who are doing the program as well and planning a few things that we will be doing together on our days off…

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